Outsourcing Performance Improvement

Modern workplaces are recognizing the increasing demand for a decolonized approach to human resource interventions as employees navigate challenges in meeting employer expectations. WorkWell collaborates with onsite HR leaders to implement our Indigenized approach, providing support and guidance to employees who may have otherwise faced performance improvement plans (PIPs), potentially leading to a separation of employment. Our approach is strategically crafted to enhance skills, foster retention, and ultimately enable employees to better meet expectations. This proactive strategy not only saves organizational resources but also minimizes the need for recruitment and onboarding of replacement staff.


Professional Opportunity Trainings: Unlocking Alternative Paths to Performance Excellence

Welcome to a transformative approach to performance improvement! Our Professional Opportunity Trainings (POTs) provide a dynamic alternative to traditional performance improvement plans, empowering your team to thrive through skill development, strategic insights, and tailored growth opportunities.


Why Choose Professional Opportunity Trainings:

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, empowering your team to excel is more critical than ever. Our unique approach to performance improvement goes beyond conventional plans, offering professional opportunities that align with individual strengths and aspirations.


Key Features of Our Professional Opportunity Trainings:

  1. Customized Skill Development: Tailor training programs to the specific needs of your employees, focusing on skill development that directly enhances individual and collective performance.
  2. Strategic Insights: Equip your employees with strategic insights and industry-specific knowledge, fostering a culture of innovation and forward-thinking within your organization.
  3. Individualized Growth Plans: Move away from one-size-fits-all solutions. Our trainings involve creating individualized growth plans that align with each employee’s career goals and aspirations.
  4. Flexible Learning Formats: Access training opportunities through various formats – workshops, webinars, mentorship programs, and more – providing flexibility that suits diverse learning preferences.


What Our Professional Opportunity Trainings Cover:

  1. Executive Function Skill Development: Cultivate executive function skills in seven areas of human cognition important to workplaces.
  • Attention and Self-Awareness
  • Organization
  • Motivation/ Procrastination
  • Inhibition/ Impulsivity
  • Planning and Problem Solving
  • Self-Regulation
  • Persistence and Follow-Through
  1. Team Collaboration: Enhance team collaboration through specialized trainings that focus on effective communication, conflict resolution, and fostering a positive team culture.
  2. Innovation and Creativity: Encourage a culture of innovation and creativity by providing employees with the tools and mindset needed to generate fresh ideas and solutions.
  3. Adaptability and Change Management: Equip your team with the skills to navigate change with resilience and adaptability, ensuring your organization stays ahead in a dynamic business environment.


Benefits for Your Organization:

  1. Enhanced Performance: Our alternative approach to performance improvement focuses on skills and capabilities, directly enhancing individual and organizational performance.
  2. Employee Engagement: Invest in your team’s professional growth, fostering higher levels of engagement, commitment, and satisfaction.
  3. Employee Retention: Showcase a commitment to employee development, attracting top talent and retaining valuable team members.
  4. Strategic Agility: Build a workforce that is strategically agile, ready to adapt to changes and drive your organization’s success.


Invest in Performance Excellence:

Our Professional Opportunity Trainings offer a forward-thinking, flexible, and individualized approach to performance improvement. Ready to transform your organization’s performance culture? Join us on a journey where professional opportunities lead to excellence.


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